Venue Finding — UK & Worldwide

We have worked with many of our clients for over 10 years managing their venue finding for a wide variety of events.  We are constantly challenged to find unusual, motivating environments from which to run events as cost effectively as possible whilst underpinning all of their brand values and we constantly match this challenge and deliver the very best venue options to our clients.

We also work extensively with clients on their overseas venue finding again it is vital that we find the best located venues, providing the most up to date information on the facilities available and deliver the options to our customers with the best rate deals available.

To get the right results for you, we work with venues all over the world both independent properties and international groups, they know us and respect our expertise.  Understanding your requirements, aims and objectives, means that we can work with the venues to ensure that the space contracted by you will work effectively for you and all your delegates.

We focus on all of the crucial elements, some of which are often overlooked, but can impact enormously on the success of each event i.e.; access and set up times, proximity of syndicate rooms to main plenary rooms; creative food and beverage for tea and coffee breaks, lunches or dinners, every element of the event will be considered and discussed with each venue that is put forward by us for your events.

When we receive a brief from you we will discuss the specific event criteria with you prior to securing a selection of provisional reservations on your behalf.  We will establish the timelines, key aims of the event and any areas where you may be prepared to compromise in order to secure the best venue, i.e. using the main meeting room as a syndicate room, splitting out the crew accommodation, changing the layout in the main meeting room, etc.